So You Want To Start A
Wholesale Candles Business....

So you been kicking around the idea of starting a wholesale candles business. Or are you just looking to buy scented soy candles at a discount? You like the price of the cheap candles at the discount stores. But you are the smart, educated one that has to have the healthy scented soy candles.

Just stick with me here and I promise by the time yo get to the bottom of this page, you will be so dang happy and excited about your new wholesale candles business. You won't be able to sleep tonight....

Now with the economy the way it is and fuel costs for the home and car going through the roof. More and more people just like you are looking for ways to not only cut expenses. They are also looking for ways to make money from home by starting their own wholesale candles business.

A wholesale candles business can be started quickly. And for not much money. Now you have a couple choices to make.

OK, The easy part is done, now what..

There are several routes you can take, let's look at them one by one.

First,you can comb through the net and find a candle wholesaler. Your best bet is to work directly with a manufacture of scented soy candles. Or, better yet if there is a manufacture that you have been using and you love their candles, ask them if they have a wholesale program. And what their requirements are.

It just stands to reason, if you have been buying onezies and twozies, now you are going to have to buy a whole bunch more to get a big discount. So you can sell these wholesale candles to friends, stores, country clubs, restaurants, etc. And still make some money, other wise why bother. Right?

Let's see what else are going to need to go this route? Oh yeah, a Tax ID, when you make money good ole Uncle Sam wants his cut too. Some wholesalers will let you use your Social Security number but not many.

They want to know you're a serious business and won't waste their time.

So, now you place your order for $300 or $500, and you do a craft show, open house, or you call on a few stores. And guess what? You thought you got a real good selection but you now have an order for a chocolate scented candle. So we need to make another order. Did we check on how many candles we have to buy after initial purchase.

There has got to be a easier way...

Relax, there is, and we will cover all of them.

Next, Let's take a look at starting an affiliate business. This is a very easy way to start a wholesales candles business. Unless you have a website or blog that s getting real good traffic.

If you don't have a high traffic website or blog there is a pretty steep learning curve. I have a short cut but you will have to contact me page and ask about building a high traffic website for less than a dollar a day.

But it can be done, just about every scented soy candle site or aromatherapy soy candle site will have an Affiliates button somewhere.You simply sign up, it's always free. They give you a link and every one that goes to their site through your link and makes a purchase you get a percentage of the sale. Sounds simple enough.

But here is the kicker, if you're customer goes directly to that site without going through your website or blog first. Well, let's just say it's a one and done thing, that's why you need lots of traffic. Tons of traffic.

That doesn't appeal to you either...

Don't worry we are just getting to the good stuff so hang in there with me. The next route is one that a lot of hobbiest's are doing and that is to simply buy the soy wax, the jars, the wicks, the scents and the coloring. I address all these in other areas of this site.

You can start with just a double boiler or even a pan in a pan will work. Now your the manufacture, the wholesaler, the salesperson, you're doing it all, baby. If you are going to do this just get a candle kit you can find them at almost any candle supply store online or off.

This way you can see if you like this route for under $30. You may love it then you can get the 50 pound bag of soy and the fancy equipment and start your wholesale candles business. And have a never ending supply of cheap candles to give as gifts and sell. And now 100% of the profit is all yours.

But trust me when I say the soy candle making process is a long and tedious one. To get the candle wax just right, the right wick and the scent throw just right. You will have to do a ton of testing. I been there and it's not fun and I don't think anyone can get it just right to satisfy all the people out there.

So now when it comes to making scented soy candles I leave it up to the professionals. I just sell, that's a full time job for the home business person anyway.

That leads us to our next option... And the one I love and I know you will love too. What if I told you, I know a company out there where you can start a home based wholesale candle business for under $50. You can order 1/2 dozen, yep that's the minimum order.

Heck, I burn more than that in a month....

You got someone ordering a scent you don't have, call a few customers, tell them your ordering and ask if they want to try the new scent of the month or another of the last one they ordered.

Your cost is under $10 suggested retail is $18.95! This is for a 16 oz. jar. And there are many not as good scented soy candles out there selling for over $20. And votives your cost a buck, yep $1.

Sell a hundred of those to a country club for $2 and the next wedding reception that wants a nice scented candle votive on the tables is paying them $5 a votive. Everybody is happy. Except the father of the bride, of course.

If you would like more information on the best way to start an at home wholesale candles business. Please fill in the form below and lets have a chat on my dime.

Did I mention, the free website, with a shopping cart! We need to talk!

Fill in the form below.....

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start a natural wax candle business from home

Your website is incredible!!!! I learned much. I chuckled when you stated to not expect your "first pour" to be perfect.

LOL My first pour was last week and was mediocre. Try try again. Right?

Thanks, Linda

make candles at home

Your site has been very helpful to me. I have learned a lot from it, thank you so much.

I plan on using recycled glass also. Thanks again for your wonderful site.