A Unique Gift Idea Shows
You Really Do Care!

Discover a unique gift idea with a scented soy candle.

Now you're probably saying to yourself, "what's so unique about that". Well, nothing really, till you put your own personality into it. To make it a perfect gift.

Anyone can throw a scented candle in a gift bag, throw in some tissue, maybe a card. There you have it. Right? Wrong! That's not a unique gift idea.

Now, it's true that the Number 1 gift in the US and Canada for the last few years, is the candle. There's a good reason for that, everyone loves candles. They will love the clean burning scented soy candle a whole lot better. If you visited any other part of this website. You already know that a candle is not just a candle.

First you want to make sure you are going to give this special friend a candle that is healthy, very low soot, and most of all a relaxing gift. Burning candles is an excellent helpful stress management and relaxation activity and will make your gift even more special.

Now that's a unique gift idea. Once you decide on which natural wax candle to get. Buy several, so you can work your magic over and over again.

This doesn't have to be complicated, just a simple candle gift set or candle gift sets. Make the perfect unique gift idea. Like a couple of container candles, a few votives, and a few votive holders. With a note, explaining the clean burning natural or soy wax candle. This will show you put some extra thought into this gift.

Let The Unique Gift Idea Begin

This doesn't have to be a last minute, stress filled endeavor, if you plan ahead. While going about your daily routine, just keep this in the back of your mind.

Keep a lookout for your gift basket, basket.

A nice big laundry basket, or one of those covered plastic bins they sell almost all over for cheap. You can even recycle a sturdy cardboard box. They all make a great gift collecting place. Now you're all set.

This doesn't need to be...

your life mission. We are all too busy for that. Just keep your radar up doing your day to day stuff. While you're out running errands. Keep the old radar up.

You're out picking up a book by your favorite author, and it's on sale! Pick up a couple, put it in your collector. Great quality washcloth's on special, ah, that would make a great addition to a relaxing candle set spa gift basket. This all makes for a great unique gift idea

You are at a little craft fair, and the lady that makes that great lavender soap bar you love. Ask if you can get a better deal if you buy 5 bars this time.

Picking up you're favorite wine, hey it's on sale. Must be my lucky day, pick up a couple extra. Well, you get the idea.

Always Re Use, When You Can

Baskets are fun, shop the used stores, garage sales, dollar stores. Recycle as many as you can. Always have a few on hand. Gift bags, if you see some nice ones while at the dollar store, get a couple.

Always have some colored cellophane wrapping (sold in hobby shops), tissue and nesting, for the bottom of your basket or bag.

TIP: I use paper from my paper shredder. The long strips, this wouldn't work if you have one of those cross cut shredders.

Canvas bags make excellent gift bags and can be re-used. You see more and more people taking these canvas totes to the grocery. It sure beats having those flimsy plastic bags flying all over.

Always remember the Number 1 Gift is candles, there is a real reason for this. Because, everyone loves them. So when you are putting together your unique gift idea. Start with healthy candle gift baskets or bags. NOTE: For a unique gift idea, mix and match from all groups. Depending on age, sex, occupation and so forth.

Christmas Gift Ideas - You can start this gift with a pine scented candle, or find a nice bayberry candle. (a nice Christmas traditional candle) Add a nice Christmas ornament.

Maybe some hot chocolate packets. A new address book comes in handy this time of the year. A small book of postage stamps, for those last minute Christmas cards. A seasonal apron. And maybe a seasonal cd or video. To make the perfect unique gift idea.

Aromatherapy Gifts - An aromatherapy candle gift is something very special. Of course, a nice gift basket or bag starting with a gourmet scented soy candle, is the perfect relaxer for anybody.

But, aromatherapy gift baskets are something special. If you are really into aromatherapy and essential oils. This can be a fun project. But if you're like me and not an aromatherapy expert. Leave this to the experts and order an authentic aromatherapy soy candle or candles.

Essential oils should be part of any candle spa gift basket. Again if you are the expert have fun with this. Or order some essential oils, an electric diffuser. Use your imagination and someone else's expertise to make awesome relaxation gift baskets. Include a small book on aromatherapy.

House Warming Gifts - Here are some great housewarming gift ideas, to make that great unique gift idea. Realtors love giving candles and wine for housewarming gifts. But they usually aren't aware of the damage a petroleum based candle can cause. But you do, so start your gift with a soy scented candle gift set and add to it.

Here are some idea for new homeowners.

  • Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer. Get the digital/wireless one, not the one they have to drill holes into their new home to install.
  • A nice coaster set.
  • A gift certificate to a local plant nursery.
  • Wind Chimes
  • A bird house or hummingbird feeder kit

Anniversary Gifts - Here is where nice scented candle gift sets really shine. Just make sure you use the low soot scented soy candles. Either container, votives or pillars. Then a nice holder or platter. If you get good quality scented soy candles, they won't even have to light them.

Gifts For Girlfriend - First of all guys, unless you're in the candle business. She probably knows more about candles than you do. So you might have to do a little research. Peruse this site to find out which candles are good and which candles are not so good.

You don't just want to go to your local store and buy a bunch of candles. More than likely the candles sold there are imports. Probably very poor quality.

You may just want to get a ready made gift basket. Or hit the mall, The Body Shop people can help you put something together. Where does she work or live? A flashlight and pepper spray may make nice additions.

Teachers Gifts - Teachers are having a tough go these days. They work hard. Besides you, these people are the most influential in your childs life. Most, especially the teachers in the younger grades, spend their own money for classroom supplies. That's a shame and shouldn't be asked of them. So anything to help out is greatly appreciated.

Gives these unique gifts for teacher appreciation week, back to school, Holiday gifts and end of school gifts. Don't forget the daycare teachers. Try and stay away from the pen and pencil sets, candy and cookie gift baskets and the coffee mugs, enough with the coffee mugs.

So, of course start these unique gifts soy candles always. Scented soy candles. Then your additional items should be, something thoughtful and helps their skinny budget, so gift certificates fill the bill nicely, like:

  • For the local bookstore.
  • For a nice massage at the local spa.
  • For a local restaurant, a nice restaurant.
  • Movie Tickets.
  • Starbuck's

When giving gifts, all you need to do is put a little thought and imagination into it. That unique gift idea, or aromatherapy gifts, including a scented soy aromatherapy candle, or just any of the candle gift baskets you put together or buy. Will be perfect.

Will they remember you forever? Probably not, but they will remember you a lot longer lighting those delicious scented soy candles. Than they will, eating that gourmet food basket or that cookie bouquet they got from everyone else, that cared enough.

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LOL My first pour was last week and was mediocre. Try try again. Right?

Thanks, Linda

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Your site has been very helpful to me. I have learned a lot from it, thank you so much.

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