Synthetic Fragrance
The Problem Is: Not Knowing!

The problem with synthetic fragrance is not knowing, what it's made up of. Where it comes from. How pure is it? What chemicals does it contain? There is just a ton of unknowns.

We have to know!

Sadly, we all have many products in our home that contain this unknown, that falls under the label of synthetic fragrance. There are a ton of fragrance products in the local grocery store. And they sell tons of them. But those of us in the know don't buy these products.

They are also in our soaps, toiletries, cheap candles, and even those fresh smelling laundry detergents. Do we know what they are scented with? No! The fragrance industry is self regulated, thusly when it comes to the big corporations, profits is the bottom line.

We Can't Trust These Guys

We all know they put profits ahead of the consumers health. They also know that our sense of smell is the strongest of all five of our senses. SO what better way to do that than to make their product smell good. They also know that the millions they spend on advertising works.

The Cheaper The Better

So the cheaper they can make that product the better it is for their bottom line. Whether it is good for the public or not. They don't have to list the chemicals and the ingredients they put in there products. So they don't!

The food we eat has detailed labels of every ingredient known to man listed on it. But products that go on our skin or through our nose some how gets under the radar. Another product that doesn't list their ingredients is cigarettes comes to mind.

What Are They Hiding?

Who knows, but I don't want to find out when it's too late. I don't want any of you to panic. Just be informed and ask questions.

The main thing about synthetic fragrances, is because they are cheap. Cheap to make, cheap to sell. Thusly they are used a lot.

When we talk about scented our candles know what your getting. Ask! If they can't say we use top grade Essential Oils or the best grade Fragrance Oils, pass it up whenever you can.

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LOL My first pour was last week and was mediocre. Try try again. Right?

Thanks, Linda

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Your site has been very helpful to me. I have learned a lot from it, thank you so much.

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