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Richly Scented Candle, Richly Scented Candles, Highly Scented Candles?

What's up with all the richly scented candle, highly scented candles, triple scented candles?

The number one candle myth!

What's the difference between a regular scented candle and a richly scented candle?

Drum Roll, please.....Most of the time, NOTHING!

Scented soy candles or any kind of candle for that matter can only hold so much scent. The industry standard is 1/2 oz. to 1 1/2 oz. scent to 16 oz (1 pound) of soy wax.

And some scents like pine, the manufacturer may decide to lighten up the scent a bit. The maximum amount of scent oils may irritate the eyes and, or noses. The company I represent advertises their scented soy candles as triple scented. Meaning they use the 1 1/2 ounce of fragrance oil per one pound of wax, whenever they can.

Don't be fooled!

So, when you see triple scented candles, highly scented candles, richly scented candles, heavily scented candles, it all really means the same, because most people love the strong scent and most candle makers lean toward the 1 1/2 oz. to 16 oz. of soy wax mixture.

A candle maker would never deliberately lighten up the scent to make more money. The fragrance oils are not that expensive to jeopardize another sale or referral. So every candle a chandler makes is going to be a richly scented candle.

It depends what fragrances they use and how they mix it with the wax they are using that really makes the difference.

So what's up with all the richly scented candle, highly scented candles, triple scented candles?

Read on:

If you do run across a candle that doesn't smell as much as you would like. It is more than likely it is a scent that just doesn't throw off it's scent very well.

It's not the candle.

The candle maker.

Or the amount of scent they are using.

It's just a property of that scent and should probably be burned in a smaller area, like a powder room or bathroom.

What's the difference between handmade soy candles and handmade scented candles or hand poured scented jar candles?

Soy manufactures can range from home businesses, to small cottage industries, to large manufactures that sell to retailers. You will find that almost all if not all say their soy scented candles are hand poured, or a handmade soy candle.

This allows them to make smaller batches. Which give them more control over the scent to wax ratio. So they can assure themselves they have mixed it appropriately. They can pour at correct temperatures of the wax and the container.

Yes, the temperature of the container or candle mold is important also.

They can better control melting temperature, pouring temperature, and to assure a good mixture of scent through the whole candle while making the pour.

I can assure you such scrutiny is not as controlled in cheap imported candles.

Control the float, candle maker!

Have you ever heard of scent float?

If the pouring process is not controlled and mixed at the correct temps. The scent will float to the top of the candle. So if you ever burned a candle a few times and you caught yourself saying...

"I don't smell my candle anymore and I only burned it a couple of times!"

Well, you experienced scent float, my candle loving friend.

The top sure smelled good though. Right? If you ask a candle maker if they have any scent float. They will probably look at you like you have two heads. Just ask them if it loses any scent at the bottom of the jar. Just be aware.

You know you have a great candle when it has and throws it's scent to the very bottom.

So when it comes to a richly scented candle, heavily scented candle, triple scented candle or richly scented candles. It's just the creative nature of our candle making friends.

And now the second biggest myth "is a candle is a candle."

A candle is not just a candle. There is a world of difference between a standard (petroleum based) candle and a scented soy candle. Petroleum based versus soy based, is a huge difference that should be enough right there, for us to make the wise decision.

No one likes to have dirty, grime covered walls, shelves and drapes, let alone serious health problems, if it can be avoided.

Paraffin (petroleum by-products) Vs. Biodegradable Soy Wax battle rages on!

The big dispute has been between the paraffin or petroleum based wax and natural wax and the most popular natural wax is soy or a soy/veg blend wax.

Paraffin Wax: is made from petroleum by-products.

Soy wax: is made from the soybeans, a renewable earth friendly, and biodegradable resource.

Soy wax candles are the best buy!

It used to be paraffin was plentiful and cheap. Now with the rise in the price of oil. And with soy is becoming more popular, and being used more and more for food and other "green" products. Soy wax has become plentiful. Soy wax is not as hard to find as it once was.

So the price of both waxes is approximately the same. In fact as soy wax burns much cooler than paraffin, which makes soy wax burn almost twice as long. Really making it much, much less costly per hour of burning time.

Even without all the other benefits of soy wax and drawbacks of paraffin. It makes the case to burn soy candles a very smart choice. I know which one I would buy, what about you?

We will dig a little deeper into the different waxes in The Waxes section.

I am sure you have seen the sooty jars, and maybe even noticed the scum build up on your walls, furniture, and drapes.

So, a candle is not just a candle, be very particular on what your candle is made of. You, your home and your health are worth it.

Are all scented candles aromatherapy candles?

No, even though a regular scented soy candle of your favorite scent could put you in the desired mood, be it relaxing, stress reliever or a romantic mood.

That is just the power of scent. Our strongest of the five senses is the sense of smell. And scented candles use fragrance oils and aromatherapy candles use essential oils. And of course it is really rather silly not to use soy wax with either oil. All of the good scents and none of the bad scents.

There is of course a big difference in either oils, but you want to use pure oils in either case. And make sure pure means pure. More about this in The Scents section.

If you have any questions on Candle Myths, contact me directly on my contact form. I will be happy to answer any of your questions.

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Thanks, Linda

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