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"Learn How To Make Handmade Soy Candles Like A Real Pro"

How to make soy candles is really pretty easy. There is no need to worry about doing anything wrong. Of course there is always the right way and the wrong way of doing things no matter what you're doing.

But when you get done with this little tutorial and watch the step by step videos. You will wonder why you even worried about how to make candles.

Now I want to warn you a little, just a little. Making the perfect candle is not out of your reach. But it doesn't just happen the first time you pour a candle. If it does, Congratulations! You are a born chandler. But chances are it will take time and patience. So don't get discouraged if that first pour doesn't go just right.

Let's start with what you are going to need supply wise to get things going. Don't worry, when getting your candle supplies from a reputable supplier, they are usually more than happy to help you out with what you need. But here is a quick list:

  • Double boiler, or you can use one sauce pan inside another sauce pan, or the preferred melting pot with a pour pot inside.
  • A thermometer, a candle thermometer works well.
  • A scale to weigh the soy wax
  • A container that is heat resistant for your candle

Now that we have all the supplies we need to make our soy candles in this How To Make Soy Candles Tutorial. We need to gather the ingredients.

Almost everything above can be gotten in one fell swoop, by purchasing a candle making kit, for around $20, except the scale, but the wax is already weighed out for you.

We want to thank Expert Village and Gretchen Soares for the use of these videos Expert Village is an excellent resource for learning how to almost anything. And Gretchen Soares is an excellent candle maker, with these How To Make Soy Candles videos.

In the first video she explains more about Soy Wax vs Paraffin wax

Soy Candles Vs. Paraffin Candles -- powered by

In this next video Gretchen does an overview of what is needed to start melting the soy wax. Enjoy

How to Pick Soy Candle Heating Equipment -- powered by

To continue with the How To Make Soy Candles Tutorials and Videos and then go to handmade soy candles for more how to information.

To continue with the How To Make Soy Candles Tutorials and Videos and then go to these last five videos for more how to information.

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start a natural wax candle business from home

Your website is incredible!!!! I learned much. I chuckled when you stated to not expect your "first pour" to be perfect.

LOL My first pour was last week and was mediocre. Try try again. Right?

Thanks, Linda

make candles at home

Your site has been very helpful to me. I have learned a lot from it, thank you so much.

I plan on using recycled glass also. Thanks again for your wonderful site.