"Church Fundraising
When Passing The Plate Just Won't Do."

Church Fundraising! How many times can you do a chili dinner or supper, or bake sale? It takes a lot of work. And after all the work, buying the ingredients or having people lug vats of food to the church. Well, truthfully, not a lot of money was made.

You may think it strange that a site about soy candles would even suggest using scented soy candles for a church fundraising effort.

Several churches have abandoned the use of candles in their buildings and that's a shame.

Why have some churches banned candles at their church services, wedding ceremonies and all other events held there?

It's not would you would think. I know the first time I heard about this, the first thought I had was, fire, these churches are afraid of fire destroying all the hard work the congragation has put into their church and now to think of losing this beautiful building would be unthinkable.

But that wasn't the reason for the candle ban!

It was plainly the maintenance, with the high ceilings, the beautiful woodwork. It became clear the culprit was the sooty paraffin candles that caused the dingy film on the painted walls and all the woodwork.

And that was before they even new the effect of the toxic fumes were doing to the healthy of all the unsuspecting visiters and their own congregation.

So, if churches are starting to ban candles, why on earth would I suggest candles for church fundraising?

Simply put education, it's a fact that 80% of the people at each and every service burn candles on a regular basis in their homes. In the churches that have banned candles, it is no secret people miss the candles at the services.

So what better place to educate a large audience about the clean burning, very low soot qualities of soy candles?

And what better place to sell clean, healthy soy candles to a newly educated crowd on these candles benefits. And to replace the sooty candles they have in there homes. This along with all the other benefits described in the School Fundraisers section.

You can sell the candles at the services and all the other bake sales. dinners, suppers, and all the other festivities.

You won't have to have an inventory, no up front expenses. Just a list of scents and take orders.

You can feel good about selling a healthy, clean product for you church fundraising. Providing a great value by selling a useful and needed product. That people are already buying, use in their homes and giving away as gifts.

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start a natural wax candle business from home

Your website is incredible!!!! I learned much. I chuckled when you stated to not expect your "first pour" to be perfect.

LOL My first pour was last week and was mediocre. Try try again. Right?

Thanks, Linda

make candles at home

Your site has been very helpful to me. I have learned a lot from it, thank you so much.

I plan on using recycled glass also. Thanks again for your wonderful site.