Candle Wax, What You Need to Know...

Candle waxes has gone through lots of changes over the years. From being made out of almost everything from crude oil by-products (paraffin), insects, animal fats and oils, and plants.

Here we will focus on earth friendly, healthy wax. The wax that is natural and biodegradable.

The Big Five Healthy Waxes

We will go into more depth on each of these waxes at the links below. The first wax is the natural soy wax candles, then the scented beeswax candles, vegetable wax, palm oil wax, and bayberry wax.

You have to be very careful if you want to purchase an all natural wax candle.

If it doesn't say all natural wax, 100% soy wax, natural wax blend, soy/veggie wax blend, 100% bayberry, 100% palm wax or oil or 100% beeswax candle you are more than likely not getting an all natural wax candle.

You will never be fooled again!

This is not to be confused with an all natural candle. We still have to look at the wicks and scents for an all natural candle. We are just talking about the all natural waxes.

And the wax is the vapor that actually burns along with the scent oils and throws off the scent without all those bad fumes you get from petroleum-based candles.

Click on the links below if you want more info on each specific wax.

Soy Wax Info Page

Vegetable Candle Wax

Palm Oil Wax

Bayberry Wax

Bees Wax

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start a natural wax candle business from home

Your website is incredible!!!! I learned much. I chuckled when you stated to not expect your "first pour" to be perfect.

LOL My first pour was last week and was mediocre. Try try again. Right?

Thanks, Linda

make candles at home

Your site has been very helpful to me. I have learned a lot from it, thank you so much.

I plan on using recycled glass also. Thanks again for your wonderful site.