"How many candle types do we need?
How about all of them!"

It used to be, and not long ago, of all the candle types, we were pretty much confined to scented jar candles to get our soy candle fix. It is still probably the most popular of all for scented candles.

When the candle is not being lit, you just pop on the top, and your scent stays locked up till the next use. But, I say again, natural candle makers are becoming more creative everyday and they test and they test some more.

In doing so they have duplicated just about every one of the candle types on the market today.

Here we will go over them starting with:

  • Scented Jar Candles >> Back in the day, when Michael Richards "the father of the soy candle" was pouring the first soy candle. I bet it was in a glass jar.....Read more...
  • Scented Pillar Candles >> Scented pillar candles are easy to keep it natural with an all natural wax pillars. Hard to find? Yes, but well worth the effort to keep your home clean, healthy and aromatic.....Read more...
  • Soy Votive Candles >> When it comes to this candle type, the soy votive candles can not be beat. I am sure if you have been to a wedding lately, especially the "New" thing now are "green weddings". And you smell a delightful aroma through the whole reception hall......Read more...
  • Tapered Candles >> The tapered candles have to be the type of candle, of all the candles that is the most elegant of them all. Whether is the colorful advent candles, a wedding ceremony, a table setting at a fancy restaurant or an elegant dinner at home. The tapered candles fit the bill perfectly.....Read more...
  • Tea Light Candles >> Tea Light Candles, I may have to get up on the old soap box here. I know, I know, you can go down to the local one buck store and buy a 100 pack for 5 bucks. A bag I looked at recently at one of these stores was from Israel, I was surprised to see they weren't from China......Read more...
  • Soy Tarts >> First off....ALL the rules that apply to soy candles apply here also. Some may mistakenly think, just because I am melting these little gems of relaxation and not burning them, no need to worry.....Read more...
  • Candle Tins >> You have miles under your belt today. Either on the road or you been through a couple of airports and finally you're all checked in at the hotel and then.....Read more...
  • Soy Lotion Candle >> The soy lotion candle is one of those neat little things that make you slap your forehead and say, "Why didn't I think of that?" .....Read more
  • Aromatherapy Soy Candles >> Aromatherapy soy candles really only consist of three things. Not many but we have to be right on target here we can not fudge on any of these.....Read more....

Of course this isn't all the candle types....

There are the scented gel candles, battery candle, led candles, electric candles, floating candles, you name it. I tried to keep the main focus on how soy relates to these popular candle types. If you would like any additional information on any of these candle types or any on the list above please Contact Me Directly Here

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start a natural wax candle business from home

Your website is incredible!!!! I learned much. I chuckled when you stated to not expect your "first pour" to be perfect.

LOL My first pour was last week and was mediocre. Try try again. Right?

Thanks, Linda

make candles at home

Your site has been very helpful to me. I have learned a lot from it, thank you so much.

I plan on using recycled glass also. Thanks again for your wonderful site.