Some Candle Accessories and Candle Supplies! Are Bad For Your Health...

Candle Supplies!

I know what you're saying right now.

This site is supposed to be about scented soy candles.

What the heck are you doing telling me about candle accessories and candle supplies.

What's up with that?

Let Me Explain,

This whole site is dedicated to your health and safety. Whether it is to warn you of the toxic effects of paraffin candles, lead core wicks or whatever. If I have had a bad experience or even heard of one person harmed by ANY candle I want to make sure I let you know about it.

Now to be clear there is a difference between candle supplies and candle making supplies. This section of this website will deal with a few candle supplies only.

Let us start with....

Votive Candle Holders

First of all make sure the votive candle holders are simply that, made to burn votives. Don't use shot glasses, or other cute little glasses or tumblers. Always use proper candle supplies made just for burning candles.

Most Dollar stores have a great selection, right near the candles. And I have had great luck with all of the ones I have bought at any of those discount stores.

Make sure the votive fits tightly and doesn't rise above the top of the votive holders. Never put a votive on a plate. And for you candle makers out there, the nice thing about votive candle holders, you can drop in a pre-tabbed wick at the bottom of the votive holder and pour any leftover from your pouring and make a nice little votive for a sample or give away.

Another cool trick I use, I always have a few pre-tabbed wicks lying around. You can pick these up at any hobby or craft store. Some are glued tabs and some are not, just a little dab of any glue will work to stick the tabbed wick to the bottom of the votive holder.

Pre-Tabbed Wicks for Votive Holder Votive Holder With Pre-Tabbed Wick Inserted

Now you're all set. Now take any of your jar candles that are at the bottom, that some of us just toss.

Well, no more, just grab your little votive candle holder and fill it up.

Now you have a nice delicious scented soy candle and you can burn every delicious drop of your scented soy jar candle.

Or, if the jar candle goes out and there is still some wax left at the bottom. You can either let it cool and chip the hardened wax out later and put the chips in a warmer or as soon as the flame goes out and the pool of wax is still liquid. Pour it into your little votive candle holders, you may need several so have some wicked holders on hand. These votive holders are an essential of all the candle supplies.

My Favorite of All Candle Supplies...The Candle Melter (opens in new window)

Not Just Any Melter Either.....

Sometimes I just pour it directly into my little melter. Either way I get at least a week or two more out of each jar candle I burn. I will go into candle melters with you next.

Danger, Danger, this Candle Melter/Warmer may be HAZARDOUS to your health!

A little dramatic? Yes.

But let's explore this.

You know those candle warmers you see all over the place? You know those so-called candle warmers, which are basically coffee cup warmers. And you set your candle on there, plug it in and soon you have your favorite scent floating throw the room, cubicle, house, or wherever.

Yep, you know the ones I am talking about. Let's dig into this a little deeper once more.

Here's the problem with these....

Here you got a nice scented soy candle or any other candle, I am hoping it is a natural wax candle of some kind.

Just because you're melting it, instead of burning it. Don't think for a minute it's not putting out those toxic fumes petroleum based candles have.

Now, when you set it on this miniature hot plate. It starts melting the bottom of the jar. And if I remember right, anything liquid expands when it's heated. Now if you're lucky enough to have the entire jar wax melt before it blows up or at the very least crack the jar, rendering you a nice mess. Consider yourself lucky, very lucky.

Now they have come out with the new safer warmers, that not only heat the bottom of the jar candle but the sides as well. This is a little better but only slightly; at least it will contain the mess if something goes wrong.

Now they also have tart burners out there. Here is what we need to watch out for with these. If you truly want a nice healthy scent wafting in your space. Please don't buy some lovely natural wax melts or tarts. Then put them in one of those melters that is heated with one of those little tealight candles. You know the little tin cup candles you can buy at the discount store for a buck or two and you get a gazillion of them.

Who knows what's in those tea lights, but I can guarantee it's not natural.

There are candle suppliers that have soy tealights.

But here is the best solution...

I love these little candle supplies. The light bulb melter.

If you're in an office, dorm room or any place, where you can't burn candles. Please, please get yourself one of those melters that have a light bulb in it and a nice little cup on top. The melter I have holds 2 votives. When jars burn down pour the bottom pool in the jar right in the cup and you get yourself another week or so. But for heavens sake don't put a full jar on top of the bulb, wait till you get wayyy down there. Till the wick is gone then slap it up the on the light bulb powered melter. Just pour the melted wax in the melter. Make sure you put this on your candle supplies list. My melter is shown below.

Melter and Warming Cup Melter With Cup On Properly

These little buggers are great (opens in new window).....

You just turn it on, sit back and enjoy that delicious soy scented candle leftovers. Or tarts, melts and whatever the imaginations of candle makers comes up with.

Feel free to add a few drops of your favorite essential oils for some extra relaxing or other healthful benefits.

Just A Few Words About Candle Toppers, Jar Shades, and Candle Lamps

First off, when burning scented soy candles or any other scented natural candles. It is best not to do or add anything that will affect the candle throw. When we talk about candle throw, we are talking about the candles natural ability to throw off its scent into your room or your entire home. We don't want to do anything to mess with this. So it is suggested by many of the scented candle makers not to use these specific candle supplies.

Now, if you want to use these as an added touch for decorating. Put them in place after you have burned the candle and you are letting it rest.

Some of the candle lamps on the market use the little tealights. Like I suggested above, unless you find a candle supplier that makes soy tealights, I suggest don't use them.

Is There a Proper Way to Put a Candle Out......

YES! They have candle snuffers. Most of these are little bell shaped contraptions on a little rod or handle. If you have been to a wedding ceremony you've seen them.

The problem with these candle supplies is, if you are buying a richly scented soy candle. The best ones, with the best scent throw, and carries the great scent to the very bottom of the candle. These candles will come in jars, jars of all shapes and sizes. And those little bell shaped contraptions just don't work the best with those jars.

The best thing I have found is just to take a little wire. Make it long enough to fit all your candle jars you are using. The make a little 90 degree bend at one end about a half inch long.

Now use this little wire to simply push the burning wick down into the wax briefly to put out the flame. Then hook the wick and pull it straight up again, for the next burning.

This little technique will lessen that bit of smoke you get from just blowing the candle out.

scented soy candles wick trimmer

Wick Trimmers.....

Wicks should be properly trimmed. This is one of the most important of candle supplies. You will know when you have a great quality candle. Simply because you will not have to trim it as often. The wick should be kept a around 1/4 of an inch. Always trim your candle wicks just before lighting.

And always use a proper trimmer with the flat blade on the end, so your trimmings don't fall in the wax. Try not to use scissors, I know it's tempting, but use a proper trimmer. The one pictured on your right is perfect.

As always, if you have any questions or comments. Please Contact Me Directly

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