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Bayberry Candles made from
Bayberry Wax are Naturally Aromatic

Colonial America Started the Trend

Bayberry wax is a naturally aromatic and enjoys a great history. The interesting thing about this wax is that it was used to make bayberry candles in colonial America.

Out To The Bayberry Patch

Colonial women would gather the berries from the bayberry bushes that are native to the northeast, down to Florida and as far east as Texas. This wax is scented naturally. No scenting or color added that I know of.

The colonial women would boil the berries in water, to separate the wax. Then dipped over and over again to form the tapered candle. Even though some manufacturing innovations and molds have been used. There are still those who make the colonial candles the old fashioned way.

These candles have a natural sage color. They have a natural, subtle sweet berry scent. They have the low soot quality, the same as all natural waxes.

"Tradition still runs strong"

It was and still is today a northeast tradition to burn them during the Christmas season. This is not a religious ceremony, it's a northeast tradition.

This candle can make you rich

The real tradition is if you receive a these candles as a gift and if you completely burn the candle on New Year's Eve. You will come into lots of money, love, friends and good luck in the year ahead.

If you follow this tradition, let me know how you came out.

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start a natural wax candle business from home

Your website is incredible!!!! I learned much. I chuckled when you stated to not expect your "first pour" to be perfect.

LOL My first pour was last week and was mediocre. Try try again. Right?

Thanks, Linda

make candles at home

Your site has been very helpful to me. I have learned a lot from it, thank you so much.

I plan on using recycled glass also. Thanks again for your wonderful site.