Aromatherapy Essential Oils To Make
The Perfect Scented Soy Candle!

Make It Pure

Aromatherapy essential oils must be 100% pure essential oils to be effective, but not necessary to have a great scented candle.

Here we are going to take a deeper look at essential oils, what they are and where they come from. Again, just like the wax and fragrance oils we need to look at the source, the raw material.

All aromatherapy oils come from various sources such as:

  1. Flowers
  2. Plant Leafs and Roots
  3. Tree Flowers
  4. Plant and Herb Resins
  5. The Bark from Trees and Plants

The essential oils can be added to candle wax (more about this shortly), it can also be diffused by flame or a sachet packet or rubbed directly on the skin after mixing it with a carrier oil.

Just because it says pure essential oil on the label doesn't mean much, in the US at this time. To be labeled pure essential oil, it only needs to contain 5% of therapeutic oil to be able to label it 100% pure essential oil. We have to go just a bit deeper.

Deeper and deeper into relaxing, healing essential oils?

We need to look at the grade, NATURAL GRADE does not have any additives added to it like carrier oils, glycol or alcohol.

A COMPLETE GRADE aromatherapy essential oil or therapeutic oil is processed or distilled using a low heat and the low pressure method. Some manufactures use the base material like the flowers, leaves and herbs and distill them over and over again. Not good!

And then there is the GENUINE GRADE. This is the best grade of aromatherapy essential oil in the world. It is made from organic seeds, no hybrids, grown in organic soil, and different plant material is distilled at different temperatures. The reason it is distilled at different temps, is that some plant material loses quality and therapeutic value at different temps.

If it is distilled too hot or not hot enough.

The lower grades use a quick, fast heat and distill in shorter times, but lose a lot of value just for an increase in quantity versus quality.

Is My Scented Soy Candle An Aromatherapy Soy Candle?

The answer is probably not. Even if advertised as such, even if it's expensive, which the good aromatherapy soy candles are.

It's probably not. If you would like some suggestions on where to find an authentic aromatherapy candle you can contact me and I can give you some great suggestions where to purchase a great aromatherapy candle.

Or just shop around and ask questions.

Aromatherapy Essential Oils
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