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Hello, About me huh, well my name is Darwin Schoenwald. I am glad your here. Of all the pages I have put up so far this is proving to be the hardest. It is really hard to talk about ones self. Especially without feeling pompous. Believe me, I am not big headed at all and I love talking to people.

About me, what would you like to know? Well, here goes.

I have always been a candle lover. Till I actually owned the homes I burnt them in, then, not so much.

But then a few years back I discovered soy candles. And then scented soy candles. And the love affair was re-lit, pun intended.

Let's see what else.

I have done just about everything you can do with a candle, making buying and selling. But then I ran across a company that does all the hard work for me and all I do is sell them now.

I live in Albuquerque, NM. with my wife Gerrie and the 2 hounds Fred and Ginger, no we didn't name them that's the way they came to us a few years apart. Ginger is a Beagle and Fred he is a Basset.

We moved down here from the mid-west (Iowa) back in 2001 and so far I haven't missed the snow, but I do miss the rain, lakes and green of the mid-west.

I want to thank you for coming to my site. I hope you enjoy yourself while your here and come back often. I am always adding new pages. I hope something I have wrote on these pages has improved and enlightened you about candles and scented soy candles especially.

Now this is just for the people who came to learn a little about me on this page.... As you are perusing this site and you find any misspells or linking error.

Copy and Paste the actual error in my Contact Me Directly page and under what Tab you found it.

Along with your name and address and a few of your favorite candle scents. I will try and match your favorite scent with a delicious scented soy candle votive I have on hand. I will ship it on my dime.

***Don't worry this is not a sneaky way of getting you on my email list. You have to sign up for my newsletter to do that.

Thanks for coming by.

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